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22 Steps

Posted by schpydurx on 2011.11.23 at 07:51
You too can take a screenshot on your shiny new Kindle Fire (mini) tablet…in just 22 steps!

Android is winning!

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And the Number Two Tablet in the World Is...

Posted by schpydurx on 2011.11.22 at 13:48
Living in a "tablet" world, one where the Playbook wins the 2010 Tablet World Series, the competition is stiff, especially with all of those iPad killers competing with each other.

Well today, that competition got even steeper. While the iPad still enjoys its 97% margins, the HP Touchpad has now become the number two tablet on the market–yannow, a REAL iPad killer.


The Touchpad, along with all other tablets only made it to 1.2 million units sold vs. the iPad's 11.1 million units.

Android is Winning!

There's a big bad mobile phone company out there that needs some #occupy attention. This company, along with its affiliates, spies on its users from day one. Every keypress is logged, every text message archived. This company was exposed earlier for the user tracking it was doing and immediately and publicly appeared to about face.

And this company is in the news again for the same infraction of spying on its users. The difference this time, however, is that the carriers are also being implicated as red-handed accomplices.

This company, of course, is none other than HTC and the spying is occurring thanks to the software provided by Carrier IQ.

Android is winning!

Android has over 520,000% of the market, or something like that. (Of course, the exact number of Android handsets sold in the last quarter is unavailable in this shill piece.) Nevertheless, the figures are in: take that (infinite) number of Android smartphones and compare it to a single phone–the iPhone 3GS. The result? The iPhone 3GS sold more units than did all of those Android phones.

And that wasn't Apple's best selling phone in Q3. That honor, of course, goes to the iPhone 4.

I'm sure that we'll see even better numbers from Q4 given that the iPhone 4S sold over four million phones opening weekend.

Android is winning!


Youtube App Update for a Select Chosen Few

Posted by schpydurx on 2011.11.15 at 14:35
There's been an update released for the Youtube app for Android...with a few caveats. Specifically, if your device doesn't run Froyo or Gingerbread, you can't easily get the app from the store. Instead, you have to use the direct link.

Oh, and if you have one of the many winning Android tablets (such as this), this update isn't for you since this isn't a Honeycomb app. Despite @arubin stating "I don't think there should be apps specific to a tablet.", this is only a minor inconvenience as Android continues its march on the Path to Greatness. (And also the reason that Google doesn't give you the choice to download the app from the App Store Marketplace< without employing hackery.)

Given that all Android devices these days effectively are tablets, you could just download this app and let it scale since Android has deftly dealt with that problem too.

Android is winning!

So there was the flagship Android device–the Samsung Galaxy 10.1–and it has a blinking notification that it's not dead yet: there's a shiny brand new version of Android waiting there for you, if only you will press the button. What do you get for your troubles? Lots!

  • No Ice Cream Sandwich

  • broken wifi

  • broken auto rotate

  • wait for fix

  • The need to fire up Kies after you've (physically) tethered your tablet to your computer to push out said update

  • A fantASStic Android user experience

Android is winning!

thumbs up!, Fight Club


Posted by schpydurx on 2011.11.15 at 13:58
Hello folks!

I was going to make a Tumblr for this, but that has already been done. Instead, I thought I'd start a community.

As of this very moment, there isn't much to see here. I've recruited the help of a long time LJ friend ehowton to make a theme and a few avatars for the community. Currently, the community is closed; that is to say, we're really not open for business right now. However, there are some stories that are too juicy to pass up. Eventually, we'll have moderated posting and anyone can join and add their stories of Android winning.

For what it's worth, we don't have the name "androidiswinning" because Live Journal limits community names to 15 characters and we need 16. Nevertheless, sit back and enjoy!